My love for cooking food and Fabrice’s love of eating was how the Mrs Muamba’s sauce range was created.

I grew up in Jamaica and it was here that I fell in love with how food was prepared, the spices, the fragrances, the pleasure it gave me. I’d experiment and make up my own concoctions, some edible some not (lol – I was a kid growing up remember).

I don’t profess to be a chef but I’m a great cook. I’ve picked up my cooking skills from family and friends, places I’ve visited and everything around me. Fabrice’s teammates started asking for take-aways of the lunches I made for him to take to training, so I had my light bulb moment and set up my own Caribbean catering company. As the business expanded I knew people would appreciate having the authentic flavours of the Caribbean in their own home.

A life changing event, made of Fabrice almost losing his life, made us re-evaluate our journey. And this is how Mrs Muamba’s was born! Our products are made with love from the heart.

Much Love xx